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Motivational Purposes Only!

Motivational Purposes Only! 150 150 admin

Meek Mill Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #017

“How the judge gon judge us when this is all we seen?”


“Pussy taste good, but it won’t feed you like no food, nigga.”

MMG Freestyle on Flex

“This MAC will make a nigga look like SpongeBob.”

Meek Mill ``Wins And Losses`` Freestyle

“Livin’ the shit I was rapping and rapping the shit I was trapping, we catch them niggas in traffic the FN57 drop 21 on dem no savage.”

Meek Mill Classic Freestyle

“Them summer nights can even turn cold, in the streets of Philly where niggas don’t even get to turn old, my heart pump til it turns gold…”


“I got a ladder on me like I’m tryna climb a roof.”

Meek Mill & Omelly - 2014 HHS1987 Freestyle

“Who am I to judge her? Tears of a single mother.”

Meek Mill Dropp Bars on DJ Self Show ( Meek Mill Freestyle)

“They say how you get all that money? When keeping it real goes right.”

Meek Mill Freestyles With Dj Clue! ``And I Write My Own`` (WSHH Exclusive)

“We ain’t grow up like the Jenners, only chance we had was fuck with Ye.”

Meek Mill - Dreams Worth More Than Money Freestyle Video

“Told Diddy I ain’t walking for no cheesecake!”

Meek Mill - Work Freestyle (HHS1987 Exclusive)

“See you the type nigga my niggas will send to the store, bruh!”

MEEK MILL | FUNK FLEX | #Freestyle118

“I took bitches from the projects to Santorini.”

Drake Is The King of Music Video Intro Skits

Drake Is The King of Music Video Intro Skits 150 150 admin

In My Feelings

Drake, a 30 year old man wearing gold grills and a Demarcus Cousins high school basketball jersey, has his friend drop him off so he can holler at 36 year old LaLa Anthony, who happens to still live with her grandmother.

Child's Play

Drake, a 30 year old man in a two toned polo shirt, takes supermodel Tyra Banks on a date to The Cheesecake Factory.


Drake, a 30 year old man in ankle socks and Eastbay Nike trainers, wears a bucket hat on a Caribbean vacation as he tries to court two 20 year old millionaire video vixens who happen to live together and only wear metallic bikinis.

No Shopping

Drake, a 30 year old man in a Jos A. Bank suit and flip flops, may be the only rapper in history to show off his toes in a music video.

TEDTalk is the Best Standup Comedy Circuit Around

TEDTalk is the Best Standup Comedy Circuit Around 150 150 admin

The Surprising Truth About Rejection

This “rejection expert” complains about being turned down by childhood crushes and being bullied in 8th grade for fifteen minutes. I know these are meant to be sad stories, but I just can’t seem to stop laughing. He looks like Jacob Williams, the token white guy on the Wild n Out reboot campaign. At one point, his girlfriend dumps him, which prompts him to spend “the next four months developing courage” before he finally gains the nerve to pursue his life’s passions: DJing, traveling, and working for himself. Of course lol. His website declares himself as a pioneer of video game addiction. Well done, Ted.

I was an MS-13 gang member

I’m not in a gang. Don’t really know anybody who is in a gang. I don’t know much at all about gang culture, but… Ironically, I can tell immediately that this man was never in a gang. It seems Ted has cast the most unlikely Latino to front like he was MS-13 for just over sixteen minutes. After a heart-wrenching recollection of the great lengths he had to take as a kid to avoid being targeted by gang members (having to go miles away from my apartment just to escape), he quickly pivots to speaking about how every other gang was jealous that he eventually ended up joining MS-13. This grown man sounds like he is telling a story about how all his classmates in fifth grade were jealous of him for making the sixth grade basketball team. Always entertaining to see an ex-gang member telling a crowd of upper middle class white people what it was like to join and “quit” a gang and then make a motivational speaking career out of it. lmao

What if you could trade a paperclip for a house?

This is some homeless ass shit right here. “What if you could trade a paperclip for a house?” is a question only two types of people may wonder: an inmate facing life in prison, or an enterprising homeless man. Unsurprisingly, Kyle MacDonald is neither. He is just a typical white man he thrusts himself into the fantasy world of the barter economy until he finally ends up flipping his red paperclip for a real house. A true underdog story.

What a 15 year old meth addict taught me about leadership

The Ted Corporation must be well-versed in the philosophy of click bait. This is a must-see video just based on the title. Regardless of anything this grown ass man has to say, you can’t get much more “white man savior” complex-y than tucking your Banana Republic no-iron button-down into dark-washed jeans and giving a Ted Talk about how volunteering to help a fifteen year old meth-addicted-minority actually gives YOU the most important insights on leadership. An alternate title for this Ted Talk: White Undercover Detective Explains How To Interrogate The Underprivileged.

How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13

Another chapter in the best-selling book of the post-modern age: Children Doing Adult Sounding Things. It is really evil to stifle creativity in the youth, but these adults were lying to this kid’s face when they pretended to be impressed with his $2,500 “nuclear reactor” made out of his sister’s fish tanks. Think Chopped Junior meets The X-Factor but written in an unusually hard to understand young Brit accent.



Asian Doll So Hard

Asian Doll got the most sauce

Either Best Song Ever or Worst Song Ever

It’s like every new rapper coming out is a badass misbehaved mixed kid from the suburbs making music about acting a fool in school. Wild lmao

This Was The Song of The Summer, Not In My Feelings

She only ask for loyalty (ON MY PHONE!) This might be the funniest song of all time.

This Joint So Wavy

GlokkNine flow so crazy.

Young Thug Best Songwriter of Our Generation

Young Thug really proves that lyrics aren’t the only way to communicate things. He can express any emotion just through his delivery. That’s the main thing all these dudes talking about bars don’t get. Songwriting is about expressing emotion, not lyricism.

THE FOUR Is The Best Thing On TV

THE FOUR Is The Best Thing On TV 150 150 admin

Diddy vs. OBJ

The stare down was like straight out of Zoolander. This dude’s outfit fresh out the Barnum and Bailey collection, too. Brother Love was not having it lmao.

The Other Contestants Were So Pressed

Spencer Pratt on some shit with this one. You know Diddy watches all these white rappers and thinks, “Haha, look what I’ve done to this country.” This whole show is like a big inside joke for him.

I Honestly Cannot Believe This Video Exists

Look, it’s not racist, but it sure feels like it lmao.

TBH There's Nothing Cornier in 2018 Than BARS

White rapper + Long Island Beard + Fitted Cap + No Jewelry = Must Watch Television

Russ Making These White Boys Bold As Hell

Russ is the best thing to ever happen to Italian-American hip-hop, which is now apparently a lucrative niche. Rappers of Italian-descent look to stake their claim in hip-hop in the coming years, look for Long Island to become the New Atlanta.



Side Chick and NIC Are Best Web Series on the Internet

There’s something about this web series that keeps me coming back. Hot take: more entertaining than Insecure? Let me find out…

I'm Gonna Go To A Ginuwine Concert with My Friends

M2THAK knows the entire world is just a stage for entertainment. The most popular theater, of course, is none other than Walmart. M2THAK practices his craft in Walmarts around the country because he knows every Walmart is like a sold-out theater of people just waiting to be entertained.

I Am Above This Mall

It makes no sense why M2THAK doesn’t have like 100M subscribers, he gotta be at least a million times funnier than these other YouTubers. Authority Patrol the funniest shit on the internet. This is how I feel when I see dudes on Segues.

This Song Made Me Wanna Leave The Crib

Only this cadre of battle rappers turned improv comedy stars could think: “What the world needs in 2018, now more than ever, is a Make ‘Em Say Ugh Remix.”

No Thanks J. Cole

Free Greedo. He really pays attention to the kids more than anyone and treats them with respect. Everything he says about J Cole is hilarious: “His point of view is dumb. He making a video with dogs about losing his virginity.”

Can't Even Hide It, We Hate G-Eazy

Nah, not even to be on some hater shit, I don’t think I could name one person in the game cornier than G-Eazy. Like this gotta be the softest most middle school diss song ever recorded in history.



Not Woke If You Shook HQ in Calabasas SOON COME

“When you’re acting in love, you’re like a drop of water and you have the ocean as your army. When you’re acting in fear, all you have is you and your money.”

“I can’t run in front of every bullet.”

We watch The Breakfast Club like it’s The Today Show or CNN.

“I refuse to negotiate. I do not negotiate...``

People hate on Kanye because he is one of the few artists who understands the economic value he has on popular culture. He refuses to negotiate because he sees it as negotiating his own self-worth. Ye don’t sell himself short.

“Play this 5-minute song that completely fucks up your programming.”

Kanye starts to re-appropriate traditional American icons on 2013’s Yeezus. It is not about him thinking he is a god; it is about his view of the contradictory nature of America.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Nothing New Under The Sun 480 360 admin

We Really Can’t Leave It Up To Marvel

Black Panther was cool and shit, but it also made mad money for Marvel Studios first and foremost. We can’t forget to shout out people like the great Melvin Van Peebles who directed, produced, wrote, starred-in, edited and scored his own film, Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song, which was the most profitable independent film of 1971 and required viewing by the Black Panther Party.

Chrissy Teigen Gives Trump Standing Ovation at Comedy Central Roast

Okay, Chrissy Tiegen may be Woke Twitter’s “PC Darling” now, but she also gave Trump a standing ovation when he announced his presidential bid on Comedy Central in 2012 (at 4:33).

Trump and Oprah Have Been Homies

My guess is just that The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Celebrity Apprentice have always had the exact same fan base. Oprah versus Trump 2020 could be the biggest television production of the century. It seems like they been homies, at least until 2016. As they say, “there’s no business like show business.”

Frank Zappa Predicts Trump Presidency

Zappa tried to warn us like 50 years ago. It doesn’t cost anything to pay attention.

Flicks That Made Our Jaws Drop

Flicks That Made Our Jaws Drop 1024 576 admin

Which one of these bracelets says: ``I’m Hella Woke”?

I think the best line is when Yara Shahidi says, “I’m basically Michelle Obama,” while wearing a beret and a leather jacket. And also, “Can I interest the lady in a Rosé Parks?” Man… it’s amazing that being in the Grown-ish writers’ room could feel like the funniest day of my life and purgatory at the same time. This ain’t it, chief.

DeRay Had Sean Spicer On The Text

Unlike Shannon Sharpe, DeRay does not know what Backwoods are. However, DeRay does bless us with the knowledge that he and Sean Spicer are texting buddies lmao. Ain’t nothing wrong with DeRay, but he’s just too funny to ignore.

Dear White People Is Anxiety-Inducing

We still talking about double standards? She said, “White people have all these things. Let us have this one word.” Yikes… Also, who actually watches this show? If it were a satire, it would be absolutely hilarious. Too bad it’s not, instead it’s just exhausting.

The Boondocks really got it right…

A lot of people stopped thinking in ‘08. Just sayin’

Vids That Stole Our IQ Points

Vids That Stole Our IQ Points 1024 576 admin

This the Not-Quite Bryson Tiller / Not Quite-Chris Brown Type Singer Y’all Got Starring in the New Superfly? Lmao!

First of all, y’all took “Superfly” literally. You aren’t supposed to re-boot the movie, you’re supposed to listen to the Curtis Mayfield record. Anyways, how do you got the least pimpin’ dude in the R&B(?) game playing Priest? Whoever did the location scouting for this music video is amazing- got my mans standing underneath the New York City sidewalk grate lmaoooo

“Where is the love?” is not a party song

I’ve been to a lot of parties in college where someone gets on the aux and plays “Where is the Love?” Even though that song is both very sad and very old. But every time I hear it, I think of this CNN clip.

Everyone At Complex Talks About Drake Like Bella Hadid Talks About Sneakers

I never thought beer pong was fun, I was always too germaphobic for all that. Anyways, if you’re into drinking games, you could take a shot every time you hear the word “bars” or “dope” said at the Complex office.