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  • April 19, 2018

Flicks That Made Our Jaws Drop

Flicks That Made Our Jaws Drop

Flicks That Made Our Jaws Drop 1024 576 admin

Which one of these bracelets says: ``I’m Hella Woke”?

I think the best line is when Yara Shahidi says, “I’m basically Michelle Obama,” while wearing a beret and a leather jacket. And also, “Can I interest the lady in a Rosé Parks?” Man… it’s amazing that being in the Grown-ish writers’ room could feel like the funniest day of my life and purgatory at the same time. This ain’t it, chief.

DeRay Had Sean Spicer On The Text

Unlike Shannon Sharpe, DeRay does not know what Backwoods are. However, DeRay does bless us with the knowledge that he and Sean Spicer are texting buddies lmao. Ain’t nothing wrong with DeRay, but he’s just too funny to ignore.

Dear White People Is Anxiety-Inducing

We still talking about double standards? She said, “White people have all these things. Let us have this one word.” Yikes… Also, who actually watches this show? If it were a satire, it would be absolutely hilarious. Too bad it’s not, instead it’s just exhausting.

The Boondocks really got it right…

A lot of people stopped thinking in ‘08. Just sayin’


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