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  • April 18, 2018

Vids That Stole Our IQ Points

Vids That Stole Our IQ Points

Vids That Stole Our IQ Points 1024 576 admin

This the Not-Quite Bryson Tiller / Not Quite-Chris Brown Type Singer Y’all Got Starring in the New Superfly? Lmao!

First of all, y’all took “Superfly” literally. You aren’t supposed to re-boot the movie, you’re supposed to listen to the Curtis Mayfield record. Anyways, how do you got the least pimpin’ dude in the R&B(?) game playing Priest? Whoever did the location scouting for this music video is amazing- got my mans standing underneath the New York City sidewalk grate lmaoooo

“Where is the love?” is not a party song

I’ve been to a lot of parties in college where someone gets on the aux and plays “Where is the Love?” Even though that song is both very sad and very old. But every time I hear it, I think of this CNN clip.

Everyone At Complex Talks About Drake Like Bella Hadid Talks About Sneakers

I never thought beer pong was fun, I was always too germaphobic for all that. Anyways, if you’re into drinking games, you could take a shot every time you hear the word “bars” or “dope” said at the Complex office.


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