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  • September 8, 2018

THE FOUR Is The Best Thing On TV

THE FOUR Is The Best Thing On TV

THE FOUR Is The Best Thing On TV 150 150 admin

Diddy vs. OBJ

The stare down was like straight out of Zoolander. This dude’s outfit fresh out the Barnum and Bailey collection, too. Brother Love was not having it lmao.

The Other Contestants Were So Pressed

Spencer Pratt on some shit with this one. You know Diddy watches all these white rappers and thinks, “Haha, look what I’ve done to this country.” This whole show is like a big inside joke for him.

I Honestly Cannot Believe This Video Exists

Look, it’s not racist, but it sure feels like it lmao.

TBH There's Nothing Cornier in 2018 Than BARS

White rapper + Long Island Beard + Fitted Cap + No Jewelry = Must Watch Television

Russ Making These White Boys Bold As Hell

Russ is the best thing to ever happen to Italian-American hip-hop, which is now apparently a lucrative niche. Rappers of Italian-descent look to stake their claim in hip-hop in the coming years, look for Long Island to become the New Atlanta.


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